Gifting Games for the Holidays!

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Looking for a unique and fun gift for your next celebrated Holiday? Consider the gift of games!

Games are the perfect way to bring family and friends together. Most everyone has played classic games at one time or another. Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee and Clue are some of my favorite classics!

With the variety of games available today, buying and giving a unique game can be an intimidating experience that usually results in a last minute gift of socks or candles. Find the right game and the excitement can be shared immediately with the family upon opening!

 Here are a few basic things to look for:


  1. Age Range: Manufacturers always list the recommended age on the box. Not only does this give an idea of appropriateness for children but it also gives an idea of the complexity. Even though a game is listed it is appropriate for 10 yrs and up, it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily juvenile, it may just be easier or quicker to learn!


  1. Average Playing Time: Most manufacturers list products based on average playing time. This assumes general playing knowledge of the game, does not include setup time, and does not consider the learning curve. Tack on about a quarter of the time, say 15mins for a 60 min game, to learn. Setup time can vary. I highly recommend watching a YouTube “how to play” video.   For instant gratification, or if you are not sure of the level of the players, start with games that are rated on average from 30 mins or less of play time.


  1. Number of Players: This can actually be one of the most difficult factors of finding a game. The majority of games fall into a category of 6 or fewer people. To include a larger number of people, we have a separate category of Party Games for a large group of people.


Some games, such as trivia-based games, are suitable for teaming up. Consider teaming up in the case of learnability too!


Also, you might consider hosting tournament-style games if you’re entertaining a large group. Either use a couple copies of the game or take turns with the same game and create tournament seeds. Stick to quick play games in this case!


  1. Contents: On our website, we take special care to list the contents of each game. This should be used in consideration of the complexity of the game. The more variety of pieces/parts involved, the more setup time and the more learning that may be involved.  


Here is a list of our recommended unique stocking stuffers!


Love Letter, Loot Letter, Letters to Santa – These quick-play card games accommodate 2-4 players each and work on a card-drawing mechanic similar to the card game War, but twisted with unique characters that modify the outcome of the game and engage the players in deduction, push of luck, and a bit of strategy. Prices start at $6.99!


12 Days – This quick-play card game celebrates the iconic Carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. 3-5 Players bid for gifts in 12 rounds. Whoever has the most points at the end wins! $9.99


One Night Revolution – Based on the popular Ultimate Werewolf game, this spy-themed game is quick to learn and accommodates up to 10 players! Every player assumes a role, Government Informant or Rebel Fighter. The Informants’ mission is to remain anonymous. Through accusations and deductions, the Rebels work to identify the Informants. The majority rules! On Sale now for $17.99!


Wits & Wagers – Available in Family and Deluxe Editions, this bluffing trivia game is the life of any party! Each card is filled with impossibly obscure numerical trivia questions that everyone attempts to answer. The answers are listed in numerical order and everyone gets a chance to vote. Are you confident about your vote? Stack the score with your own vote and sway others. Don’t have a clue? Put your votes of confidence in others and score points! May the most convincing player win! Ideal for 4 or more players. Starting at $16.99!


Pairs and Deadfall – These quick-play deck card games for 2-8 players are point scoring, push-your-luck games available in various themes. A downloadable guide provides many more variations to keep the game fresh and exciting. Great stocking stuffers starting at $4.99!


Tiny Epic: Kingdoms - This mini board game for 2-5 players is great for people who love the classic game of Risk! By exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating, you conquer all in an epic battle! With 13 unique and thematic factions and 16 unique territories no game will ever be the same. The game packs away in a box nearly as small as a few standard decks of cards for easy portability, shippability and wrappability! $24.99


Munchkin Christmas Lite - A lighter starter deck of the trending Munchkins card game, this 3-4 player Christmas-themed deck can be used as a standalone game or used as an expansion to other Munchkin games. This deck makes an affordable Christmas gift regardless if the recipient is an avid Munchkin fan or simply a casual player.   On Sale now for $7.99!


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