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TRAP! Zany Zombies

TRAP! Zany Zombies

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  • Description

    Introducing TRAP!, the new fast-paced, deductive, dice-rolling card game system for 2-4 players by the designer of Killer Bunnies, Jeffrey Neil Bellinger.

    In TRAP! you're trying to ensnare the biggest sets of villains over the course of five rounds. This assortment features 6 increasingly nimble ninjas that players will have to out-do with superior kung fu, as well as an exclusive bonus "link and lock card" for use with TRAP!

    Choose from Zany Zombies or Nimble Ninjas themes.

    2-4 players
    Ages 10+
    30 minute play time

    6 Character Cards
    7 Action Cards
    12 Trap! Cards
    1 Super Trap! Card
    1 Exclusive Link and Lock Card
    1 Trap! Canvas Bag
    1 Six-Sided Die
    1 Rulebook

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