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7 Wonders NEW Edition

7 Wonders NEW Edition

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    Make the right decisions to lead your civilization to prosperity! Lead one of the seven greatest cities of Antiquity. Develop your civilization on a military, scientific, cultural, and economic level. Once built, will your Wonder bring you glory for millennia to come? No downtime, renewed fun in each game and perfect balance regardless of the number of players.

    3-7 players
    Ages 10+
    30 minute play time

    7 Wonder boards
    148 Age cards:
    49 Age I cards
    49 Age II cards
    50 Age III cards
    78 Coins:
    54 Coins worth 1
    24 Coins worth 3
    48 Military Conflict tokens:
    24 Defeats
    24 Victories (8 per Age)
    1 score pad
    3 Description of Effects sheets
    1 List of cards and chains sheet
    1 rulebook

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