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    A micro-deduction game set in the world of [redacted], [microfilms] pits spy against spy in the Ambassador's high-stakes game of intel and intrigue. Be the first player to find the intel and reveal the identities of your opponents, and you'll infiltrate the Ambassador's organization. Reveal your hand too soon, and you'll end up in the shark tank!


    [microfilms] is a (micro)game of deception set in the Cold War, when men knew how to bet and women knew how to win.

    In one of the countless casinos of Monte Carlo, the stakes have never been higher, as between the games of cards and roulette, there is a game of spies and intel. A familiar-looking Ambassador, on break from the many duties (parties, mostly) that tire him so much, has decided to combine business with pleasure. He has set up a private poker game and lured the world’s best secret agents to it, seeking someone with whom he can do business.

    The Ambassador prefers his own particular type of poker, with its own peculiar rules. Will you play his game and end up in the shark tank, or will you win and in ltrate the Ambassador’s organization?

    The double-blind interrogation mechanic appears in the Interrogate action in [microfilms], ensuring you’ll know your opponents know that they don’t know what you know about their cards. 

     As [microfilms] is micro-deduction game, it plays more quickly than [redacted], with games averaging 15 minutes depending on the number of players. The more you play, the sharper your mind and tongue become, so you can live in a world where men knew how to bet and women knew how to win until the casino closes. And, as we all know, the casino never closes.


    Contents: 20 Casino chips; 6 Double-sided Suspicion tokens (with player aids); 25 Cards; 8 Identities; 9  Items; Agents (China, UK, USA, USSR) Interpol Officer; Information Broker; Journalist; Hitman; Microfilms (China, UK, USA, USSR); Alliance letters (China, UK, USA, USSR); Ace of Spades; 8 Actions

    Recommended Age: 12+

    Number of Players: 2-6

    Average Playing Time: 10-30 min.

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    Minimum Number of Players: 2
    Maximum Number of Players: 6
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