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Nightfall: The Coldest War

Nightfall: The Coldest War

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  • Description

    Nightfall: The Coldest War is a stand alone expansion to the competitive deck building game Nightfall. The coldest war brings you a complete all new set of cards with special powers, and features a full set of 6 exciting new starting minions. The coldest war also introduces Moon Phase cards that change the game globally and includes new fully illustrated Wounds cards. Features: 30 all new cards, which includes 6 new starter minions. Moon Phases add new global effects that alter your game play. Playable stand alone or combine with other Nightfall sets for increased strategy. More amazing art that illustrates the dark world of Nightfall.


    • Rulebook
    • 318 Cards
      • 228 Orders
        • 7 each of 12 Actions
        • 7 each of 12 Minions
        • 10 each of 6 Starting Minions
      • 24 Draft Cards
      • 60 Wounds
        • 30 Nightfall Wounds
        • 15 Martial Law Wounds
        • 15 Coldest War Wounds
      • 6 Moon Phase Cards
    • 32 Card Dividers


  • Details
    Minimum Number of Players: 2
    Maximum Number of Players: 5
    Price Point: $21-$50
Available July 16th/23rd!
Available July 16th/23rd!
Available July 16th/23rd!
Available July 16th/23rd!