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Guardians' Chronicles Bundle

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  • Description

    Bundle includes Base Game + The Terror Trio + Night Squad + True King of Atlantis  - A $189.95 Value! (Available while supplies last)

    Doktor Skarov is pushing his evil agendas. 

    Fortunately the members of Liberty Patrol are here. The four of them. All protectors of the innocent and fervent defenders of freedom and they are going to thwart the nefarious plans of the unsavory character. 


    The Fate of the World is in your hands!

    Base Game contents include: 

    • 9 Double-sided tiles
    • 4 Hero ID cards and 8 Villain ID cards
    • 8 Power cards per hero
    • 4 Initiative cards
    • 20 Event cards
    • 20 Wound cards
    • Damage, Bonus/Penalty, Door and Environment tokens
    • 4 Superhero figures
    • 30 Robot figures of 3 different types
    • 4 Supervillain figures
    • 1 figure of the President's Daughter
    • 1 figure of Doktor Skarov
    • 1 rule booklet and scenario booklet
    • Articles to make up the front page of the Guardians' Chronicles!
    Expansion #1 The Terror Trio introduces a band of new supervillains who will cuase even more trouble for the heroes of Liberty Patrol! In addition, you will find new tiles that add tough challenges of your games. They also allow you to set Doktor Skarov's base in the heart of a raging volcano or in the icy winter ofa polar landscape.
    Expansion #2 Night Squad sets the stage for a new group of heroses, tkaing their turn in the pursuit of Doktor Skarov.  Control new characters with new powers and unique combat styles!
    Expansion #3 True King of Atlantis introduces a new threat to fight: Aquarion and his elite troops.  The tiles included in this box allow you to ally Aquarion with Doktor Skarov, or to plunge into the depths of Atlantis.
  • Details
    Minimum Number of Players: 2
    Maximum Number of Players: 5
    Price Point: $51-$75
Available April 29th!
Available April 29th!
Available April 29th!
Available April 29th!