House Rules and FAQs

Join us for regularly scheduled and special events held nearly every day of the week!

Our most popular events include TCG tournaments and meetups, including Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! & Force of Will! 

Our Dungeons & Dragons groups (3.5E & 5E) are like no others!

Every year, we partner with ArctiCon to bring you the best gaming experience in Northwest Indiana! Watch our schedule for details!

We are also partnered with Tales of the 219 - a NW Indiana group of Roleplay leaders founded by the creator of Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny! Each meeting brings lesser known RPG choices for an eclectic vibe of gaming. 

We offer a range of snacks and beverages as well as a $5 Meal Deal (pizza, soda, and snack) for your convenience!  Pizza is sourced from available delivery services. Requires 4 or more participants.


Please help us maintain our high standards and also keep Open Play free by adhering to the following rules: 

No Foul/Abusive Language - No Explicit Behavior or Paraphernalia (including playgear or clothing) - No Drug/Alcohol Use/Smoking/Vaping on or around Premises - No Weapons - No Bullying - No Poor Hygiene (including residual odors/marks from Drugs and Alcohol use) -No Outside Snacks or Beverages (hot meals -upon request, bottled water, and medically necessary foods are acceptable within reason- no sharing) - No Stealing/Theft (from the store or other players) - No Soliciting (buying or selling personal or business related items -trading is welcomed) - Keep It Clean (clean up after any spills and put games back in boxes - need help? Let staff know) - Supervise Your Underage Child (safety of our patrons, no matter the age, is so important. We do not provide daycare so please do not leave any child underage -12 or younger - alone in the store.)

And last but not least - HAVE FUN!


EXCEPTION TO THE RULES: Saturday Nights - Kid free zone from 9PM-11PM .  All events are considered family friendly. With that said, in order to satisfy the urge to play those not-so-safe-for-work board games, we reserve the play area for those 17 and over.  Please make arrangements for those that are underage or sensitive to adult content to be out by 9PM.  

FNM (Friday Night Magic)? Yes! Fridays promptly @7pm, Standard format, Swiss rounds, best 2/3, rewards - pack/win + random promos - ENTRY:  $6/person

Other favorite Magic the Gathering Events (check schedule): Standard Showdown Mondays, EHD/Commander Tuesday Nights, Modern Sundays, Pioneer Thursdays, release events and more.

Teach Magic? Yes! We have an excellent staff of Magic players ready and willing to teach new players.  There is no charge for the demo and best of all - start competing right away with a Welcome Deck and your shiny new DCI number for FREE!

D&D (Dungeons & Dragons)? Yes!  We offer multiple sessions of D&D 3.5 and 5th edition experiences with new groups forming! Sessions and pricing are posted on our facebook calendar.

Pathfinder? Yes! We have a Pathfinder group ready to grow! Please check our facebook calendar for more details for upcoming events!

Miniatures Gaming?  We offer a small selection of miniatures games in house, however, we will be glad to special order any pieces, games or paints. Meetups can be arranged for events. Please PM us on Google or Facebook for interest.

Other RPGs? Most Definitely! We have partnered with Tales of the 219 to host a multitude of unique and under-discovered RPG games at regular intervals. Find out more at:

YU-GI-OH!? Yes!  We offer YuGiOh! products and also tournaments are held on select Saturdays.  Please check our facebook events page for upcoming scheduled events!

Other Card Games? We will be bringing back Pokemon meetups and, if turnout size permits, we will be also include tournaments, coming Summer Break of 2020!

Demos and Game Events? Yes! We offer free scheduled game demos and organized events for your favorite board and card games!

We also offer free and paid board game tournaments, as made available.

We also offer assistance with games in the library as needed.  

Notable past non-TCG/CCG events have included: 2017 Fall Auction, Drawing Classes, International Tabletop Day, X-Wing Demo Day, Guild Ball Game Day, Mystic Vale Tournament, ArctiCon.

Private Events? Yes! If you would like to celebrate a milestone with a private board game night, please PM us on Google or Facebook for interest.


Looking for something to do today? 

 Check out our calendar of events!


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