Tabletop & Collectibles Auction 2019

By The Board Games & Entertainment Tabletop & Collectibles Auction
Saturday, February 23, 2019, 10 AM
Viewing and registration begins at 9 AM
Auction begins promptly at 10 AM
Submissions will be accepted beginning January 21 through February 21, 2019.
(Submissions will not be accepted at the door)
Location: St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church - Merrillville, Indiana
9191 Mississippi St, Merrillville, Indiana 46410


What is this?

This auction is designed to find new homes for your once-loved and treasured games while upgrading your collection in the process! For every item that sells, you will receive a gift card for the full auction sale value to By The Board Games & Entertainment.


What is eligible for submission?

While this event is designed for tabletop games, we are open to submissions for other collectible memorabilia such as action figures, miniatures, and books/manuals/novels that are comic/sci-fi/fantasy related. Sorry, no video games please. Games must be complete with all required components, must be opened (unpunched is okay), must be in lightly-used condition and should not contain any X-rated content.

By The Board Games & Entertainment reserves the right to refuse any items for any reason. Once submitted, the item cannot be retracted.


Is there a cover charge for submission?

There is a $1.00 cover charge per submission form to help cover the cost of this event. An additional $1.00 charge will be included to reserve a minimum price for each lot.

Cover charges will be collected at the time of submission.

There is NO cover charge for bidding!



Is there a minimum bid?

All bids will start at $1.00 however; the seller might choose to set a reserve price.

If a reserve price is set, the item will be marked as reserve but price will not be disclosed. A successful will not be completed if the item does not reach or exceed the reserved price. Once the reserve price has been met, it will be announced.

Note to seller: A reserve price is great for ensuring that you get your value from the selling price, however, reserves have potential to reduce the number of bids. We recommend a reserve price of no more than 10% of the MSRP to entice the most bidders.


 As a bidder, do I pay sales tax? 

Yes. Any items that are successfully purchased are subject to Indiana Sales Tax.


How do I submit?

Bring in your eligible items during the submission period as well as your completed submission form. Items will be lightly inspected for suitability. Once approved, the items will be checked in and a receipt of submission will be provided which will include a seller ID. One lot is considered between $20-$150 new retail value with a maximum of 4 items per lot.


How does bidding work?

At registration time, all bidders will submit a registration form and receive a bidder ID along with a paddle, a pencil and a list for tracking bids.

This will be a classic Paddle Auction starting at $1 for each lot. Auctioneer will introduce one lot at a time and provide a brief description of the item. Bidders will then raise their paddle until the bid runs out of bidder’s budget. Last bidder standing is winner. SNIPING is forbidden.

Bidder will be recorded. Every 15 minutes, processed bids will be available for check out. 

**XP Rewards cannot be used toward Auction purchases!**


My stuff sold. How do I ca$h in?  

At the end of the auction, we will tally up the available balances (minus any lot fees) for each seller and issue an electronic gift card good for all merchandise sold. Gift Card and receipt will be issued the Tuesday after the auction. You MUST have a legible email address on the registration form that is good to accept communications as the gift card will be issued electronically. We cannot be held responsible for incomplete or incorrect email addresses, "junk email" accounts, spam filters.  Store credit is issued electronically only and for security reasons, gift card numbers are encrypted and not retrievable in store.

My stuff didn't sell. What are my options?

At the end of the auction, if your items did not sell for some reason, they will be held and available for pick up after auction until March 1, 2019.  After March 1, 2019, if an unsold item has not been claimed or alternate arrangements have not been made, the item will become permanent property of By The Board Games & Entertainment. 

If items did not sell but you are not interested in keeping them, we gladly accept donations for the BTB library or you may also consider putting them up for consignment. Inquire about details.  

Violation of Bidding and Selling Terms includes: False bidding, bidding on your own products, soliciting between customers on premises, and bidding minors. These actions are prohibited and grounds for expulsion as well as banning from future auctions. Persons under 18 years of age require a parent or guardian to register and bid on his/her behalf. Please be sure you have the funds available for the amount you bid. If you win a bid and are unable to pay, you will be banned from future auctions! ALL SALES FINAL.


Auction Seller Form 2019 Downloadable File (.pdf, 264 kb)


Auction Bidding Form Coming Soon


For a growing list of submissions, click here!

For your consideration only. Editions and conditions are not guaranteed.



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