Board Game Design Advice From The Best In The World

Board Game Design Advice From The Best In The World

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Looking for advice on designing board games? 

The producer of Board Game Design Lab compiled the best advice from some of the most successful and prolific board game designers today!

From the author's interviews, you'll learn things like:

  • What Rob Daviau would tell his younger self.
  • How Matt Leacock gets into the zone and flow of design.
  • ​Lessons Jamey Stegmaier learned from his biggest failure.
  • The best advice Richard Launius would give a designer who is just 
    starting out.
  • What recent purchase has helped Jon Gilmour's designs the most.
  • The life philosophy that improves Richard Garfield's game designs.
  • ​What Bruno Cathala would tell you after a discouraging playtest.
  • Donald X. Vaccarino's advice on pitching a game to a publisher.
  • The behavior that has helped Ryan Laukat's designs dramatically improve. 
  • What Richard Bresse does when he feels overwhelmed or unfocused.
  • How Martin Wallace knows when to walk away from a design for a while.
  • The game Bruno Faidutti recommends most to fledgling designers.

Other mentors include Gil Hova, Daryl Andrews, Mike Fitzgerald, Alan Emrich, James Ernest, Edo Baraf, Sen-Foong Lim, Jay Cormier, JT Smith, Tom Lehmann, JR Honeycutt, Luke Laurie, Colby Dauch, Mac Gerdts, Jerry Hawthorne, Reiner Stockhausen, Isaac Childres, Geoff Englestein, Chris Kirkman, Vital Lacerda, Matthias Cramer, Alf Seegert, Andrew Looney, Don Eskridge, and many more.

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Author: Gabe Barrett

ISBN: 9781985797154

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