Dead Panic

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    Fight the Dead...Escape the Panic...Survive the Night!


    Put your Zombie Apocalypse team to the test with the cooperative board game Dead Panic.

    Choose a Character and make your stand together in a remote Cabin, in the center of the board, against waves of the undead that close in from the edges of the board. Ranged weapons let you attack from a distance, but if the Zombies break through the walls, you will have to fight them hand-to-hand. Items scavenged from the Cabin can give you an advantage, but supplies are limited.

    If you can survive long enough, Survivors will bring the pieces of the radio needed to call for rescue. Once rescue arrives, it’s up to each Character to leave the Cabin and make it out alive!


    Content:Game board; Rulebook; Cabin deck; Event deck; 24 Zombie tokens; 8 Character tokens; 8 Character boards; 8 Character Zombie tokens; 3 Survivor tokens; 12 Injury tokens; 6 Cabin Walls; 6 Crack tokens; 3 Radio pieces; 1 Rescuer (Van) token; 1 Bait token; 2 Fortify Tokens; 1 Zombie Draw Bag; 2 6-sided Dice; 20 cardboard stands

    Recommended Age: 13+

    Number of Players: 2-6

    Average Playing Time: 90 min.

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