Dreamchaser: The Pretend Box Set
Dreamchaser: The Pretend Box Set
Dreamchaser: The Pretend Box Set

Dreamchaser: The Pretend Box Set

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If you could live out any story, any moment—what would you experience?

Every story in Dreamchaser is uniquely yours. A memory and an experience that only you, and those lucky enough to play with you, will know. Together, you create a dream to achieve, the characters to pursue that dream, and the moments you want to experience along the way. Set milestones for your characters to dictate what they need to grow. More importantly, set milestones to dictate want you want to experience in the game. Players play characters but also act as an audience in this "choose your adventure" game. Help chisel out your fellow player characters by observing out how they act and learning their intentions. Point it out and watch them evolve. Each story is a tale about growth and learning to belief in yourself. As your character's belief grows, you will find that the universe conspires to connect each of us with our dream. Will you be bold enough to pursue it? Play your part, pursue a dream, and believe!

Dream Examples from Actual Players!... Find the Source of the Mysterious Light • Befriend a Dragon • Planet Migration • Be Thanked on the Street for Being Another's Inspiration • Learn the Secret of the Haunted House • Get in Contact with the Others • Understand Why We Were Made • Turning the Valley's Waterfalls Back On • Retrieve My Dead Grandmother's Brass Knuckles • Interpret the Transmission • Awaken the Magic of the Earth • Experience the Vastness of the Universe • Broker a Peace • Gain the Trust of My Companions • Find the Lost City • Take Back Our Home • Find a Close Friend • Gain Control of My Visions... 

  • Easily gain experience as a Game Master.
  • Role play free of strict rules and rigid storylines.
  • Enhance your favorite existing role-playing game. 
  • Use role play to act out your next great story or game.
  • Use role play to aid in educational or professional strategy/problem solving exercises.
The possibilities are endless!


The Pretend Box is the premium version of Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny. It comes with everything you need to pull the game off the shelf and play. Just add players and pencils!



  • Dreamchaser Rulebook (Hardcover)
  • Dream Map (Bifold Board)
  • Guide Screen
  • Pair of Ten-sided Dice
  • Pad of 50 Character Sheets
  • Pad of 50 Guide Sheets
  • Pack of Notecards

Recommended Age: 10 and up

Number of Players: 2-5 recommended 

Average Playing Time: 2-3 hours