Guild Ball: The Fisherman's Guild Pirate's Return

Guild Ball: The Fisherman's Guild Pirate's Return

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Once the ambitious and charismatic skipper of his crew, Corsair was brought low by a brutal attack orchestrated by the Butcher’s Guild that sent him crashing out of the team. However cutthroat pirates like Corsair don’t fold sails easily – the exile has returned, desperate to reclaim his mantle.


Corsair's team is as fluid as the sea; able to deposit enemy players where they wish while cutting away crucial opposition. Their flexibility gives them a dangerous goal-scoring threat, and coaches are sure to love the tricks they can use to dominate the board.



  • a Ball
  • 6 Player Cards
  • Bases
  • 6 Players

Recommended Age: 14 and up

Number of Players: 2

Average Playing Time: 60 min.