North Wind

North Wind

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In the adventure game North Wind, cities are suffering heavily under constant raids from pirates. As freelance trade captains, the players bring food and other goods to the cities, in addition to fighting the pirates whenever they encounter them. Fighting without cannons leads to poor results, however, and cannons are expensive. With each success, though, a player can better equip his three-dimensional ship and strengthen his crew.

In the end, the player who finds the best mix of trading and fighting will prove to be the victorious captain.




  • 4 large ships
  • 1 task board
  • 24 sea tiles
  • 16 cannons
  • 8 commercial letters
  • 42 gold coins
  • 64 wooden pieces
  • 40 task cubes
  • 1 event die
  • 1 battle die
  • 1 rulebook

Recommended Age: 10 and up

Average Number of Players: 2-4

Average Playing Time: 60 mins