(PRE-OWNED) 24/7 Twenty-four Seven The Game (2006)
(PRE-OWNED) 24/7 Twenty-four Seven The Game (2006)

(PRE-OWNED) 24/7 Twenty-four Seven The Game (2006)

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24/7: the Game is a light abstract strategy game that combines elements of both luck and skill. Using durable plastic tiles on a full color game board, players take turns laying tiles on a 7×7 grid and score points for adjacent tiles that create runs, sets and sums of 24 or 7.

In 24/7: the Game, players score for combinations of tiles in four directions. While the importance of tile placement and strategy is key to winning, the element of luck magnifies as the combinations of tiles take shape in all four directions.

Play a tile and score points or block your opponent from scoring. By playing the right balance between offensive and defensive placement, try to keep your opponents on their toes as you rack up points.


Condition: Excellent. Factory Sealed.

Contents: 40 tiles; 20 stones; 4 tile holders; 1 score pad

Recommended Age:  8 and up

Number of Players:  2-4

Average Playing Time:  20+ Mins