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Roswell 51: A Retro Sci-Fi- B-Movie Board Game

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The Time: 1951. The Place: Roswell. The Problem: Sci-fi invasion!

Stop the pods, blobs, and UFOs! Save the world!

Cinematic thrills and chills await in this fast-paced, card-n-dice game that pays homage to 1950s, sci-fi B-movies! One player is the Director who controls the alien forces. All others star as survivors trying to stop the outer space invasion.

With each turn of the card, disastrous events, plot twists, and a terrifying mash-up of outer space aliens invade the game board’s movie screen. As a team the players try to make it to the end of the film together, each in control of their own survivors. If a player loses these, that player joins the alien forces against the remaining players. Tensions mount as allies turn into alien pod people.

Who will be standing when the film fades to black?!?

Contents: The Roswell 51 movie deck (56 cards); The Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board; 54 Survivor Point tokens; 8 Sanctuary tokens; 4 Reel tokens; 1 Fade In token; 1 Fade Out token; 4 Dynameite tokens; 4 six-sided dice; Rulebook; Rule Cue Cards; Endgame cards. 

Recommended Age: 14 and up

Number of Players: 3-13

Average Playing Time: 75 mins

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