Tsuro: Veterans of the Seas

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    The forces of nature can be as devastating as the wrath of the daikaiju! This Tsuro of the Seas expansion pits you against devastating tsunami (tidal waves) and treacherous uzushio (whirlpools). Don’t lose hope, though—at your disposal are powerful taihou (cannons) and a mystic portal. Can you use these tools to navigate the tempestuous Mystic Seas, now more dangerous than ever before?

    This is an expansion and requires Tsuro of the Seas. This is not a standalone game.


    Veterans of the Seas adds four new and exciting types of tiles to Tsuro of the Seas:

    • Taihou (cannon): Powerful cannons players can use to defend themselves against the daikaiju!
    • Mystic Portal: Allows players to elude both the daikaiju and other players!
    • Tsunami (tidal wave): A hazard that gets stronger with each round of game play and threatens all the players and daikaiju in entire row!
    • Uzushio (whirlpool): Moves when the daikaiju do not, keeping the game board in constant flux!

    Game Features

    • Fun, Fast, and Exciting: Adding Veterans of the Seas adds even more excitement to the already action-packed Tsuro of the Seas. An average game only takes 20- 40 minutes to play.
    • Elegant Game Design: The tiles in Veterans of the Seas seamlessly compliment existing gameplay, adding a layer of complexity to the game veterans of Tsuro of the Seas will enjoy.
    • Strategic Game Play with Random Elements: Players can easily see and plan for the dangers ahead, but they never know when danger will strike!


    Contents: 5 Taihou tiles, 2 Tsunami tiles, 1 Mystic Portal tile, 1 Uzushio tile, game rules.

    Recommended Age: 8+

    Number of Players: 2-8

    Average Playing Time: 20-40 min.

    - $10.99

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