When I Dream

When I Dream

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Night has fallen and your mind is floating in a magical world of dreams.


But sleep eludes you - the Dream Spirits want to have some fun tonight! Communicate with the Dream Spirits and try to interpret their messages in When I Dream! Become the dreamer, put on your sleep mask, and try to figure out your dream and which spirits are the Naughty ones. Become a Good Spirit and help the Dreamer by giving him clues about the dream before the Naughty Spirits mess it up.



  • 1 bed
  • 1 board
  • 1 sleeping mask
  • 1 sand timer
  • 110 dream cards
  • 11 dream spirit cards
  • 104 point tokens
  • 1 rulebook

Recommended Age: 8 and up

Number of Players: 4-10

Average Playing Time: 30+ mins.