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Magic the Gathering

One journey ends. A new day begins!

Standard players, get ready for the upcoming rotation and welcome in the anticipated Guilds of Ravnica. Learn more about the guilds and find scheduled events in your area at!

Locals and visitors can check out our events calendar for scheduled Magic Events, including:

Friday Night Magic, 7pm $6 Standard (prize supported)

Standard Showdown Mondays, 6:30pm -Free (prize supported)

Commander Tuesdays, 6pm -Free

Speed Gaming Thursdays at 7PM

Join us for Speed Gaming Thursdays where we quick-demo games. Each event is divided into three 20-minute sessions. Players choose from one of three games and then rotate after time's up. It's like speed-dating but without the awkward conversations. 

At each event, games that are highlighted are also available at a discount until the next session begins!

This week's Featured Games

  • Ascension: 3rd Edition
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  • Exploding Kittens First Edition (Limited)
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  • Flip Ships
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We make it easy to find the perfect games or upgrade your collection with new awesomeness by trading those old games in. We've successfully re-homed hundreds of games through the sale, auction or consignment of used games. Ask an associate for details!

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